Every Clinic needs an x-ray machine. Whether it is a trip, a fall or a bad chest infection little Medics will need to find out what is going on inside. The quickest way to do that is often an x-ray.

This free download includes some of the most common X-rays that are performed in hospitals all over the country on a daily basis.

They are designed to print out on A4 paper. Please bear in mind that by their nature there is a large amount of black print on x-rays and therefore we recommend printing them onto cardstock and laminating them or if you want to use a window as a backlight then use light paper but still laminate them to lengthen their life and reduce ink useage.

The x-ray pdf includes

* X-ray Caution sign
* Skull x-ray
* Chest x-ray
* Foot x-ray
* Hand x-ray
* Shoulder x-ray

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