The Post Office theme is one that is popular year-round, whether it is Christmas and everyone is sending off letters to the North Pole, Summer time and everyone is writing postcards or there is always a reason to send a card. It is not surprising that one of the themes that has been requested time and again is the Post Office.

We don’t yet have a Post officer’s costume in the collection but keep an eye out and you never know what might be in development as we write. Suffice is to say, all our best suggestions come from our lovely customers.

In the meantime, we have a mini Post Office resource to keep all the little postmen and women busy this month. If you have a theme you would like to see covered just email us on lucy@mermaidsanddragons.com

The Post Office pdf includes

* Opening hours sign
* Price list
* Flash cards
* Postcards
* Stamps
* Design your own stamp template

Available in English or Irish

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Post Office
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