The beautifully illustrated shop front of Mermaids and Dragons costume shop

When we started our little business we had some very clear ideas about what was important to us, what we wanted to achieve and why we were even starting in the first place. We knew what were truly non-negotiables when it came to the type of products we wanted to develop and the way we wanted to run the business.

It took a while before they ended up down on paper but these values have been our guiding principles from the start reflect who we are as a family and, by extension, as a business.

Duty of care

We have an inherent duty of care to our customers; the children, parents and educators who use our costumes day-in-day-out. Our little uniforms have to live up to our promises of durability, quality and bringing joy to all who wear them. Additionally, we take our responsibility for the safety of our little customers very seriously. Our costumes are all tested to EU Toy Safety standards and carry the CE mark.

Our duty of care extends to our suppliers, partners, our collaborators and our team. Their wellbeing is important to us. We respect their individual skills and expertise and we are thankful for all that they do for us. That’s just being a good human.

Learning through play

Children learn through play and meaningful play should be a fundamental part of every childhood. Communication, social skills, motor skills, independence, critical thinking and creativity all develop through meaningful play. We believe that dramatic-play or role-play has an important developmental function in childhood and that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of taking on the persona of inspirational characters from their own community in rich and meaningful play.

Minimising our impact

We choose to work with cottons. Cotton is expensive to work with and it would be much cheaper and easier to use synthetics like polyester or blends but adding to the plastic waste and throw away culture typical of our industry just doesn’t sit well with us. It doesn’t reflect the type of things we buy ourselves or for our children so it was an easy decision to ditch synthetics even if it was hard to find heavy-weight cottons that we could use and still pass all the required tests. Our fabrics are all Oeko Tex certified and are incredibly durable so they last for years of play.

We have reduced our plastic packaging over the years- we now use cardboard boxes, paper tape and recycled tissue paper for the majority of your orders and where we need to use mailer bags they are biodegradable.

We are by no means finished, we are aware that there are many more ways we can reduce our impact and we will continue to do so.

Superheroes should be celebrated

Not all superheroes wear capes, but not all superheroes are fictional either. There are thousands of people in our community who care for and protect each and every one of us. They work amongst us and touch many aspects of our lives. Some we meet regularly in our restaurants and shops, some we meet only in times of need such as Paramedics and Gardaí. These incredible professionals deserve to be celebrated and are the real-life heroes that children aspire to be just like. We use the medium of dramatic play to celebrate the heroes of our communities.

Craftsmanship matters

What we make and how we make it is the embodiment of all of our guiding principles. It is our expression of our duty of care to our customers, our respect for the professions we represent our celebration of the skills of our partners and our desire to reduce the negative impact on our environment. It is natural that all of that results in well-made, durable and authentic costumes that bring joy to so many of our customers. This is the very best way we can express all of our values in one simple way. By making the very best costumes we can.