All Mermaids & Dragons resources & costumes are under copyright. We ask that you kindly respect the research, time, effort and cost that goes into making each and every one of our Imagination in Action™ thematic resources. We work with teachers to develop each pack to ensure that the resources are relevant, useful and engaging. We work with a wonderful illustrator, Nadia Cruickshanks, to create the imagery and art that is used in our packs. We use expensive software to create, edit and compile the packs, we pay to have them hosted online and we pay fees in order to be able to provide them to you. Please respect our copyright.

Frequently asked questions

What does a copyright mean?

A copyright means that our work is legally protected. It means that you cannot copy, alter, redistribute, sell, giveaway, translate, adapt, distort, falsely attribute or make it available to another person or organisation in any way.

That sounds complicated- Do you have an example?

What a copyright means is that you cannot email a copy to your friend, you cannot photocopy it for a friend to use, you cannot pop it up online because you think everyone would love it, you cannot give it to another classroom to use when you are finished with it. People are normally really clear that they cannot sell someone else’s work or pass it off as their own and usually people understand that they cannot simply copy sections of it into their own work.

What am I allowed to do?

It does depend a little on the type of licence you have which you can read a little more about below. Simply put, if you buy one of our resources either on its own or as part of a bundle then you have been granted a licence to use it. With a personal licence you have lifetime use of the packs so you do not have to renew a subscription or a licence each year. With a costume licence you have the use of the resources so long as you still own the costume that it was bundled with. If you no longer own the costume then your licence is revoked. Neither type licence is transferable and cannot be shared with other people or organisations. With both licences you can save the packs to your own computer or mobile devices. You can pick and choose which pages you would like to use, you can print it off and as many times as you like so long as it is for your own use. You can photocopy some or all pages as many times as you like, again so long as it is for your own use.

What kind of licences do you have?

We offer different licences to accommodate our customers. The personal licence is what you get when you purchase a resource and it is granted to the purchaser. It means that they, and only they, have the right to use the packs.

A costume licence is a licence that is granted when a pack is bundled with a costume purchase. Similar to the personal licence it is a single-use licence but in this case, it is linked to a specific costume, not an individual person. That means that the licence remains valid for as long as you or your organisation owns that costume. If the costume is purchased as a gift then the licence forms part of that gift. It is not transferable and cannot be used in multiple classrooms.

Your purchase receipt will detail the type of licence you have been granted.
I want to use the packs in several classrooms, not just mine- what can I do?
If you would like to use the packs in several rooms then you will need to buy licences for your company or organisation or each end user will need to purchase their own copy. Please email us to enquire about lisencing for schools and early years centres to ensure you get the right licence at the best price.

What about the blog and other things that I don’t pay for?

Our blog is also under copyright, we hope you find it useful and helpful. Should you ever wish we would be delighted if you wanted to share information or quote from our work but we ask that you reference the source (us!). As above you cannot pass of the work as your own or use it without attribution.

If you have any queries at all about copyright, if you are unsure about something then just drop us an email to customer care and we will sort it out.